Our platform offers you a new, better way to trade in agricultural products and commodities. Service2Fruit was born from the idea that, as a buyer or seller, you must have full control over the commercial trading process. This in turn creates a transparent way of doing business. Thanks to Service2Fruit, supply and demand can influence each other freely, resulting in a fair price for all concerned.


Service2Fruit is an independent, online trading platform where digital and "traditional" business go hand in hand. Our platform actively puts buyers and sellers in touch with each other, with the huge advantage of a global marketplace, via the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) throughout the year. Services such as quality control, sorting, cooling and transportation can also be easily arranged online via Service2Fruit.


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Whether you want to buy or sell, Service2Fruit is there for you, 24/7 and worldwide. Doing business has never been easier, SECURE and WORLDWIDE! Your options are unlimited.



Service2Fruit is the THE INDEPENDENT service provider for the trade in agricultural products and commodities. The online trading platform at www.service2fruit.com is central to the service offered by Service2Fruit, allowing you to arrange a complete transaction yourself.



Service2Fruit offers you, as a professional, an open market place where agricultural products and commodities are traded at market prices.


Essential services such as quality control, sorting, packing, transportation and even the provision of credit; you can easily arrange it all through Service2Fruit.


Quality is extremely important in the trade in agricultural products or commodities. Service2Fruit offers you possibilities for objectively establishing the quality of agricultural products or commodities by using third party service providers.


The financial settlement of buying, selling and service provision runs entirely via Service2Fruit. Service2Fruit, via the trust account of Service2Trust, provides you with a completely secure account for payments relating to your trading transactions.