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Real-time market information. Everywhere and always.

300 million kilograms sold in six years time. Curious about the data? Then Service2Fruit can help you.

Since the establishment of Service2Fruit in 2011 until now, there is already traded almost 500 million kilograms through our platform. There are tens of thousands bids submitted by over a thousand users. Those users together have done over ten thousand successful transactions. We have stored all date carefully and safely. Where you previously had to perform much effort to analyse transactions, FreshMonitor can help you do this more quickly and easily.

With FreshMonitor we provide market information in a simple and easy way. Among other things, we do this with an overview of all transactions and in several graphs. Curious about the price per kilogram of conference pears? This, and much more, is with FreshMonitor clear at a glance.

With just one account you can access Service2Fruit and FreshMonitor. If you already have an account on Service2Fruit, you do not have to register again for FreshMonitor. If you do not have an account, then a single registration complies.

For you as Fruit grower

The market information on FreshMonitor can be a valuable tool in the determination of the sales strategy. You may also be able to draw conclusions about the best selling moments.

For trading companies

FreshMonitor makes the peaks and drops in supply and demand moments clear. It may also be easier to determine the best purchasing moments, for example, by analyzing the avarage prices.

Easy for businesses

You buy FreshMonitor once. Then, all registered users, from your own company, benefit from FreshMonitor for the duration of one year.


€ 150 per year

Price is excluding VAT.


Answers. To all your questions.

We are ready to answer all your questions. Below are the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed or if your question is not answered enough, you can always contact us.

Meanwhile, more than 18,000 transactions have been made through Service2Fruit. A total of almost 500 million kilograms! Of all these transactions, we have kept all data carefully and safely. With FreshMonitor we provide this market information in a simple and easy way.

If you are already registered on Service2Fruit, you do not have to register again. Click here to log in. If you are not registered already, then click here to register.

Each company pays for Fresh monitor once. Then, all registered users, from your own company, benefit from FreshMonitor.

After payment, you will receive your invoice within a few moments by e-mail.

One month prior to the end date, you will receive an e-mail asking whether you wish to renew FreshMonitor for one further year. We do not renew FreshMonitor silently and/or automatically.

We have developed FreshMonitor in such a menner that you can also open FreshMonitor on your phone or tablet.

Once you pay for FreshMonitor, you have immediate access. If you click on FreshMonitor's logo in the menu at the top of the screen, you will be taken to the FreshMonitor page. Please note that this menu item is only visible if you purchased FreshMonitor.

You buy FreshMonitor for a term of one year.

You can pay online in advance via the most used payment methods, including PayPal, iDeal, Bancontact, SOFORT Banking and MasterCard. The Mollie Payment Foundation ensures the correct processing of the transaction from FreshMonitor for Service2Fruit.

You do not have the possibility of early cancellation of FreshMonitor.

Questions? Do not hesitate and contact us.

We are always ready to answer all your questions. We will be happy to assist you!

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